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Vt Pharmacists

Vt Pharmacists Association is a Non Profit Organization That Enables Pharmacists in Vermont to Have a Unifed Voice


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Welcome to the Vt Pharmacists web site!

This site exists for the purpose of uniting and informing Vermont Pharmacists. By creating a network of pharmacists on the web, it allows us to become a more powerful voice. Please take the time to look around and utilize the services that we have set up.

Continuing Education Schedule of Events

As Pharmacists we have a professional obligation to continuing education. This section provides a schedule of pertainent dates and activities, and where to go to meet your education requirements.

Vt Pharmacists Bulletin Board!

The Vt Pharmacists Bulletin board is a utilitiy that allows Vermont Pharmacists to read and post messages about any pharmacy issue. Join in a conversation, or start your own!

Pharmacy Links

This page contains a list of links to other pharmacy related web sites.

Contact Page

Communicate! Here’s a list of Email links to VPA board members, and government sites.

Recent Blog Posts

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Injured on the Job?

The spinal cord injuries are very complicated because you can also lose your source of income. We make sure the claim we build should be able to take care of you. Spinal injuries at the neck level can cause impairment to a victim’s breathing and result in paralysis...

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